The proliferation of electronic components and data buses has made the collision industry join the scan tool revolution. Approximately 67 percent of collision shops already own a scan tool. We’re one of them.

Frame Straightening

Car accidents can take a major toll on your car or truck: looking at that crushed bumper or twisted fender panel shows that these components need to be repaired. But the very structure of your car can also be impacted when you’re in an accident, inflicting damage on your frame or unibody that isn’t readily apparent when you look at your vehicle. Frame straightening is actually more important that cosmetic collision repairs! If you’ve been in an accident and you suspect that you need auto frame repair, don’t wait to call. CF Collision is the body shop you can trust for professional frame straightening and precision repairs.

Auto Restoration

Automobile restoration is the process of repairing the degraded aspect of an automobile to return it to an overall “authentic” condition. It is to renovate a car without updating or upgrading it by keeping in line with how it would have appeared when first offered for sale.

Computerized Paint Matching

As one of the largest and oldest independent body shops in Santa Fe, we mix all of our paint products on site using the industry leading PPG computerized color matching system. This, along with our state-of-the-art downdraft painting and baking booths, allows us to offer superior color matching on your vehicle which will result in an undetectable paint and body repair.

Domestic and Foreign Repair

We work on all makes, all models, and all years of automobiles. We also work on motorcycles and RV’s.

Scratch Repair

It’s a fact of life. Other people often don’t treat your car’s paint with much consideration. Ditto for kids and pets, not to mention the odd troll with an attitude and a set of car keys. Respraying an entire car can cost thousands of dollars, while respraying a single panel with another company may leave you with a clown car that doesn’t match color left to right. With our top of the line technology and professional technicians many small nicks, scratches and imperfections can be easily retouched. A careful job is unobtrusive and will be almost totally invisible.

Hail Damage Repair

A professional job at your local auto body shop is recommended for deep dents or badly damaged surfaces. The services tend to be cheap, fast and rarely require a new paint job. There are DIY kits available but these kits can damage your paint or even make the dent worse! Trust the repairs to us!

Auto Body Paint

With our computerized paint matching system we can match factory paint with ease. We can also create custom paint colors based on your preference. Our state of the art paint matching computer systems make matching factory paint a breeze. Our experienced spray booth technicians make it look so easy! Make sure to come to us for all your body and paint needs.