The Process

You’ve had time to reflect on the scratch your beautiful car received while you were in the store. Or the driver that followed too closely while you had to make an emergency stop. That was the worst part. We make it easy. If you’re making a claim on insurance we have dedicated estimators that work with your insurance company directly. One of our estimators will come out to inspect the damage to your vehicle. The estimator will then check in your car and write up a Repair Order for you.


After your vehicle has been checked in on of our certified technicians will start to remove the damaged parts and do a thorough overview of the damaged area. Sometimes there can be damage that goes much deeper than the exterior fender. If that is the case our technician will effectively communicate with your estimator and insurance company of the damage and what needs to be done to get your car back to its pre-impact state. Sometimes it’s as simple as utilizing a paint-less dent removal system to get your car back to you.


Once we have confirmation from your insurance company we then proceed to order the parts needed to repair your vehicle. These will be genuine factory parts or aftermarket parts based on what your insurance provider will cover.



Once the parts arrive for your vehicle the technician assigned to it starts the installation process. Your technician will be removing all the damaged parts and installing new ones for you.



We use top of the line technology to make sure we factory match your vehicles color from manufacturer specifications. We either use OEM paint or high end paint supplied by one of the top automotive paint manufacturers PPG depending on how your insurance company wants to handle the paint process. After the replacement parts have been color matched and painted we allow them to dry for several hours to make sure the new paint has a very strong bond with the new parts to your vehicle.


Once the paint is dried, we remove all the masking materials and send your vehicle to get washed by one of our detailers. After it is washed we double check all the work we have done, especially in regards to color matching your factory paint.



You may have already received a promise date from us and your insurance company. As soon as your vehicle is ready to be picked up we will call you. Picking up your vehicle is a breeze. Just come in and meet our receptionist. She will pull your file, collect your deductible and hand you the keys to your car.